Integrated Bioenergia Management Policy

Quality, Environment, Occupational Health, Safety and Social Responsibility

"To promote the permanent satisfaction of our customers, shareholders, employees and partners by continuously improving our processes and services, attending to legal and applicable requirements, respecting the environment, within a safe workplace that values ​​personal relationships and encourages social responsibility."


To be a reference in technology in the electricity sector and sustainability.


Promote the welfare and development of safe, sustainable and reliable technologies, integrated to society.


  • Safety;
  • Honoring commitment;
  • Ethic;
  • Social responsibility;
  • Sustainable development;
  • Quality;

Code of Ethics and Conduct

1 - Transparency

All our negotiation processes must be transparent and seek the veracity of the information provided to the partners. Only then will we be able to have the credibility necessary for the development of Bioenergy's business.

2 - Suppliers

Our relationships with suppliers must take into account the legitimate interests of both, and undue advantages obtained by manipulating information, intimidation, coercion, unfair competition practices or situations of conflict of interest with the business of the company are not allowed. We must prevent the hiring of suppliers who disobey labor laws, provide unsafe products or services, do not provide training and safety equipment to their employees, or employ forced labor or child labor.

3 - Against Corruption

We must reject and combat all forms of corruption, favoritism, extortion or payment of bribes.

4 - From Prejudice, Discrimination and Harassment.

We must repudiate any prejudice, discrimination, harassment, humiliation, exposure to ridicule, intimidation, hostility and embarrassment as a consequence of color, race, sex, ethnic origin, language, age, economic condition, nationality, naturalness, physical, mental or mental condition , Kinship, religion, orientation, sexual, ideology or political position.

5 - Respect

We demand that all people, Bioenergia's professionals or not, be treated with dignity and respect. We want to be a company where people feel respected.

6 - Safety at Work and Quality of Life

We encourage all measures to promote safe working conditions and educational initiatives, both internal and external, to enhance health, safety and quality of life. We must know and practice safety regulations, properly using protective equipment and demonstrating a permanent accident prevention attitude. We must communicate unsafe working conditions and situations of disrespect to the safety rules and risk to the life of any person. We must prioritize preventive actions in relation to corrective actions in guaranteeing adequate conditions of work safety.

7 - Gifts

We do not accept or offer gifts and hospitality that disrespect the values of Bioenergia and the good practices of commercial relationship. Gifts and hospitality should not have commercial value or cause embarrassment to Bioenergia or the professional, if they are publicly known.

8-Information Technology (Internet - Emails - Social Media)

The access, transmission and archiving of inappropriate and illegal content, including, but not limited to, pornography, games, discrimination and activities against public or third-party patrimony are prohibited. No employee can create personal identities online using trademarks or names of Bioenergia professionals other than his own, except in cases previously agreed with the company.